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Hundreds of Honduran Migrants Are Currently Camped On Tijuana Beach, Just Feet Away From Border

Countless migrants have set up makeshift camps on a beach in Tijuana near the see-through fence that separates the United States and Mexico. From their tents, they can view their target destination where they will most likely claim asylum.

Border Patrol, ICE and other federal law enforcement officials are working around the clock in hopes of preventing the migrants from crossing over onto U.S. soil. The military is also deployed in the area, but it is unknown at this time what their role is regarding the situation.

migrants camped on tijuana beach
At left, Joel Lopez, 19, and his cousin, at right, Belkis Bustamante, 23, and her daughter Chisty Garcia, 4, rest at a migrant shelter in Tijuana, Mexico after having arrived 30 days after leaving on foot from Honduras. (Photo: Omar Ornelas,The Desert Sun-USA TODAY NETWORK)

Three separate migrant caravans, all originating from Central America, are currently working their way north through Mexico.

Nearly 100 “mostly LGBT people” from the first caravan arrived in Tijuana on Sunday, with some of the members immediately scaling the fence and happily celebrating after reaching the top. A few managed to jump down onto the U.S. side, but quickly turned around when Border Patrol officials approached.

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Main Image Credit: Deseret News