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South African Land Expropriation WITHOUT Compensation Will Most Likely Happen

The Joint Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) in South Africa has confirmed a proposed constitutional amendment that allows land expropriation without compensation will move forward.

According to BusinessTech:

“The CRC was instructed by the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces to ascertain whether a review of section 25 of the Constitution and other clauses is necessary, to make it possible for the state to expropriate land in the public interest without compensation, and also to propose constitutional amendments where necessary.”

A few parliamentary steps must still be considered, but the African National Congress (ANC), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), United Democratic Movement (UDM) and National Freedom Party (NFP) have all publicly offered their approval and support for the new amendment.

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Land expropriation without compensation all but guaranteed

Image Credit: Newskoop