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Ontario, Canada Passes Resolution That Will Remove The Teaching And Promotion Of “Gender Identity Theory”

Travis Dhanraj from Global News recently reported on a resolution passed by the Ontario PC Party in Canada that will remove “gender identity theory” from school curriculums:

The resolution, which was proposed by Tanya Granic Allen, states the following:

“Be it resolved that an Ontario PC Party recognizes ‘gender identiy theory’ for what it is, namely, a highly controversial, unscientific ‘liberal ideology’; and, as such, that an Ontario PC Government will remove the teaching and promotion of ‘gender identity theory’ from Ontario schools and its curriculum.”

After asking the resolution’s author, Granic Allen, if she believes trans people exist, she said:

“I believe there are 2 sexes & I believe that in most cases there are 2 genders but I am not a sexual neuroscientist & defer to the experts. From what the experts have said gender is not a social construct.”

Kathleen Wynne, the former premier, weighed in on the newly passed resolution:

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Main Image Credit: Wikipedia