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Michael Moore To Liberals: “Talk To Conservative Family Members Over Your Holiday Meal”

In a MSNBC interview, documentary filmmaker and outspoken political activist Michael Moore offered some advice to liberal-minded people: “Be generous in victory.”

“By the way, at dinner tomorrow, your conservative brother-in-law, this year don’t make him sit at the kids table, let him sit at the main table. We should be generous in victory, be kind to him, and let him know that the things that we’re going to push for he’s going to benefit from too.”

Moore referenced the supposed “blue wave” Democrats enjoyed in the recent 2018 midterm elections. He alluded to the fact that many of the Dem candidates who won veered further to the Left rather than playing it safe by campaigning in a more moderate fashion.

“The three states that gave Trump the presidency — Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania — all went blue two weeks ago,” Moore boasted.

“If I’m anything tonight, it’s I’m of a belief that we can take what we learned in a place like Michigan and really, really crush it in 2020. But it will take some work, and it’ll take the Democrats who got elected two weeks ago to really show the voters that they are going to do something, that they’re going to stand for something. So their performance in these two years is very important. It’s going to take a recruiting team to get beloved Americans running for office in 2020.”

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Image Credit: Toronto Star