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Online “Sex Workers” Are Scrambling To Cover Their Tracks After Being Mass Reported To The IRS For Not Paying Taxes

Women who use social media apps to make money by selling “services” like private video sessions, nude pictures, used undergarments and more are being targeted by a group of individuals who apparently disagree with their “unethical and hypocritical” behavior.

Many members of what is now known as the “Thot Crusade” believe these particular women who actively avoid reporting their income to the IRS also virtue signal about socialist, communist, and marxist ideologies. They seem to support free healthcare, education and other similar programs while collecting welfare and not paying their taxes!

Additionally, some of these sex workers have been seen flaunting their newfound wealth on Instagram, including posting pictures of luxury vehicles, clothing, purses and jewelry.

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Here are a few screenshots from the “crusade” (Note: We’ve blacked out names, photos and other personally identifiable information; Warning: Vulgar language) –

Online Sex Workers IRS 4
An online “sex worker” who was reported to the IRS for not paying their taxes. (Facebook)
Online Sex Workers IRS 1
A DM exchange showing a “Thot Crusader” baiting an online sex worker and then reporting them to the IRS. (Unknown)


Online Sex Workers IRS 2
A social media user gives advice to sex workers after discovering they were being reported. (Twitter)


Online Sex Workers IRS 3
Another user giving (bad) advice about yearly taxable income levels. (Twitter)
Online Sex Workers IRS 5
Some more bad tax-related advice along with a rant about the ongoing crusade. (Twitter)
Online Sex Workers IRS 6
An actual tax specialist chimes in and confirms that “premium snaps” qualify as taxable income. He also mentions the IRS has a whistleblower program that rewards informants. (Twitter)
Online Sex Workers IRS 7
Apparently this premium Snapchat user isn’t too enthusiastic about being reported… (Twitter)
Internet Sex Worker Customer
A customer who’s bummed because he lost out on $500 after the “Thot Audit” went viral and his “sweet gal” deleted her social media accounts. (Twitter)
Online Sex Workers IRS Donald Trump
Even the POTUS thinks tax evasion is a disgrace! (Twitter / parody)

Main Image Credit: Current Affairs