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You Won’t Believe Who Showed Up In This Photo…

Earlier today, a picture of a migrant woman and her small children running in fear went viral and made its rounds online.

There’s just one small problem.

If you look closely, you can clearly see a man standing in the background with a tripod and camera. The man looks a bit… out-of-place considering there were hundreds of people either rushing towards the US border or away from it after federal agents responded with tear gas.

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Here’s the original (click to enlarge):

Honduras Women Children Migrants Camera Guy

And here’s the cameraman just waiting for that perfect angle:

Honduras Women Children Migrants Camera Guy 3

Also, notice the amazing quality of the original photo. We don’t think a lowly smartphone could achieve that kind of clarity, especially since people were moving around all over the place.

So, was this all just a staged photo-op to pull on the heartstrings of Americans? What are your thoughts?

Image Credits: Breaking News, Reuters