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Wow! White Smoke Canister, Not Tear Gas, Used In Viral Photo Of Migrant Mother With Her Children…

As we discussed in our other article, this was just a photo-op to pull on the heartstrings of Americans (click each image to enlarge):

White Smoke Can Used In Migrant Photo
Picture collage showing the type of canister used during the photo-op. (4chan)
White Smoke Canisters Not Tear Gas
Closeup of the “Military-Style SAF-White Smoke” canister held by one of the migrants. (Twitter)

Description of Defense Technology’s Military-Style Saf-Smoke Grenade:

The Saf-Smoke™ Grenade was designed for training, but may also be used in operations. The Saf-Smoke™ Grenade offers the same approximate burn times as the Spede-Heat™ Grenade in CN or CS and the Riot Control Grenade in CN or CS. The similar burn times may make it the appropriate choice for training or simulation deployment of chemical agent canisters. The Saf-Smoke™ formulation is considered to be less toxic than Hexachloroethane (HC) smoke. The Saf-Smoke™ Grenade emits a very white smoke.

White Smoke Can Cameras And Actors
Some markings and text pointing out multiple camera operators (not including the person who took this photo), migrants posing as if they’re “fleeing” from danger and others standing around idly. (4chan)
Fake Photo Op Honduran Migrants At US Mexico Border 2
More analysis. (4chan)
Fake Photo Op Honduran Migrants At US Mexico Border
Some additional information pointing out what each person/group is doing in this image. (4chan)

Main Image Credit: Defense Technology