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#ThotAudit Campaign Intensifies; Now Single Mother Sex Workers Are Being Reported To Child Protective Services

It appears the “Thot Audit” isn’t losing any steam, as one social media user recently mentioned how online sex workers who have children are not only being reported to the IRS, but also Child Protective Services (CPS).

User @werewolfhellcat wrote:

URGENT SINGLE MOM SEX WORKERS, the trogs are getting even more vile, somehow. In case you had any doubt that #ThotAudit’s goal of getting people to pay their taxes could be any more of a dogwhistle to traumatize and harm women… #rwts #RightWingTaxSquad

Pls dont post about your kids online anymore or they’re gonna fw you for that too. Not that they can do sh*t but holy f*ck they want to f*ck with people for any reason they can find

single mother sex workers

they’re reporting them to CPS

especially if they ever made any previous reference to drinking or drugs

View the tweet below (Warning: vulgar language) –


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Image Credit: Chicagoist