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Red Laser Dots Spotted On President Trump’s Head And Chest During Christmas Tree Lighting Speech; Shortly Afterward, Local Reporter Posts Photo Of Crosshairs On Trump’s Back

What on Earth is going on? While the POTUS spoke at the annual White House Christmas lighting ceremony last night, strange red dots could be seen appearing on his face and chest.

View some screenshots below (click to enlarge):

Trump Laser Dot 1

Trump Laser Dot 3

Trump Laser Dot 4

Trump Laser Dot 2
Credits: LifeSiteNews, ABC

Video (begin watching at 4:50):

As you can see, each dot flashed and/or moved around erratically. Some viewers thought they were coming from either a laser pen or gun’s laser scope. Later on, it was speculated the red dots were most likely caused by cameras using red-eye reduction features.

Next, after the president took a seat, a local reporter snapped a photo of Trump from behind, but the picture he posted on Twitter included crosshairs aimed directly at the president’s back:

“President @realDonaldTrump watching the performances at the National Christmas Tree lighting (as seen through the zoom lense of our @ABC7News camera)”

Tom Roussey WJLA-TV Trump Crosshairs

Credits: Gateway Pundit, Twitter

The tweet has since been deleted and Roussey later issued a lengthy apology:

His apology received mix reactions:

Gateway Pundit