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Another Internet Trolling Campaign Now Underway: “Happy Hanukkah” Being Used As Anti-Semitic Dog Whistle

It appears the #ThotAudit wasn’t enough to keep some trolls busy this holiday season. Now the greeting “Happy Hanukkah” is being passed around as a passive-aggressive anti-Semitic dog whistle on Twitter.

Their rules:

1. When Jewish people are “seen speaking for fellow White people,” wish them “Happy Hanukkah.”
2. If a Jewish person “writes an anti-White themed article,” leave a comment saying “Happy Hanukkah.”
3. While meeting a Jewish person on the streets, “look them dead in the eyes” and wish them “Happy Hanukkah” no matter what time of year it is.

Their goals:

1. Don’t stop until the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) lists the phrase “Happy Hanukkah” alongside Pepe the Frog on their website as anti-Semitic and hate speech.
2. Take “ownership” of their seasonal greeting and “make them look like paranoid schizophrenics” at the same time.

Some examples so far:

Main Image: Internet Troll (Wampler Pedals)