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VIDEO: Snipers Fire At French Citizens During “Yellow Vest” Protests

A shocking scene caught on video shows a “Yellow Vest” protester in France being hit by what appears to be a sniper round.

Watch below:

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It is a bit difficult to see exactly what happened, but a person in the background had their hands up and then promptly fell to the ground:

French Citizen Shot By Sniper 1

Seconds later, a tracer round zooms by:

French Citizen Shot By Sniper 2

French Citizen Shot By Sniper 3Others are then seen rushing to the person’s aid. The man in the foreground even turns around right after the person was allegedly shot, so we can only assume he heard gunfire or some sort of commotion behind him.

Here is another video posted by Ali Özkök showing a police or military sniper, along with two others, hiding in the shadows atop a building somewhere near the protests:

UPDATE: YouTube user Tom Woelki shared an image compilation showing screenshots of additional sniper rounds that some viewers may have missed (click to enlarge):

French Snipers Shoot Yellow Vest Activists