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Battlefield V Publisher Doubling Down Over “Inclusion” Even After Sales Drop 63%

Despite massive backlash from fans, video game publisher EA is defending its decision to include women and even “other genders” in its newest addition to the Battlefield franchise.

Yesterday, EA/DICE boss Oskar Gabrielson gave a speech about male/female equality in video games and how his company is “doing their bit” to support and promote it:

Notice anything… interesting in the image Mia R posted? Here’s another one (click to enlarge):

Battlefield 5 Launch Party

Multiple quotes can be seen on the stage screen at EA’s official Battlefield V launch party, including:

“White men! White men! White men!”

“Feminism ruins everything. Feminazies are trying to rewrite history.”

“What the f*ck was the developers thinking!”

“Genderfield 5!”

These quotes were allegedly taken from some of the more vocal Battlefield critics.

A large #EVERYONESBATTLEFIELD hashtag is even plastered dead-center on the backdrop, letting players know the company’s stance on this particular issue.

Back in May, DICE replied to a few players who were concerned about the direction their beloved franchise was heading.

One player posted the following comment:

“I only think games depicting past conflicts ought to be representative out of respect and realism. There’s been plenty of prior inaccuracies, but there’s a difference between unrealistic gameplay components and the unnecessary misportrayal of how women actually contributed in WW2.”

The game company’s reply:

More criticism:

“This is about keeping the spirit of what makes @Battlefield great. Pirate women with robot arms and cricket bats? Was this poll tested? I thought I was being #pranked.”

And another cookie-cutter response from EA/DICE:

Some social media users are including the tag #GetWokeGoBroke while discussing the controversy:

Battlefield V is currently on sale for $39.99 (regular price is $59.99), which includes free shipping:

Battlefield V Gamespot Sale

Main Image Credit: EA/DICE, TechSpot