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The United Nations Gets A Wake-Up Call After Its Latest Tweet About Migrants…

The official ‘UN Migration’ Twitter account posted the following statement late last night (Pacific time):

“All migrants must be respected, regardless of their migratory status.

After reading the replies, it appears that most do not share their sentiment. This isn’t surprising considering many immigrants, especially in Europe, fail to assimilate and adopt the culture and customs of the countries they move to.

Instead, they expect their new homes to do exactly the opposite; accommodate them, their culture and their needs, oftentimes before native citizens who have lived there all their lives. It’s a shame this is rarely ever covered in the mainstream media.

In fact, the media, along with many popular search engines, actively try to cover this up. See for yourself by checking out these search results.

Notice anything strange? Most of the results on the first few pages point out the “fact” that immigrants assimilate perfectly fine, regardless of the search string used.

Now, back to the tweet. Here are some of the replies it received:

The UN account even got a bit defensive after one user asked them why they post armed guards outside of their headquarters:

It appears this ridiculous “open borders” narrative the United Nations and other globalist organizations keep pushing is falling apart.

A few hours later, the same account posted a video about internal displacement:


“Each year, millions are displaced within the borders of their countries by conflict, hazards, disasters, violence, climate change. Often they flee with nothing but an object; a key, a shirt, a photo, a camera can become a symbol of struggle, of hope. Hear the voices of internally displaced persons.”

Will the propaganda ever end? Probably not, but there is hope.

People are finally waking up to this unsustainable madness.

Main Image Credit: Townpress Newspaper