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Hillary Clinton Receives Surprise Envelope At George H.W. Bush’s Funeral…

After Hillary Clinton opened her program brochure at George H.W. Bush’s funeral, an envelope fell into her lap.

Former President Jimmy Carter, who was sitting to Clinton’s left, can be seen looking over at her and then checking if he got one too. He didn’t.

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What was in that envelope?

Another video posted by The Washington Pundit shows Jeb Bush smiling with his hand over his heart, but quickly getting irritated after Laura Bush showed him something she was holding:

Better angle:

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Here’s an interesting observation – While GHWB’s casket is being carried past the family, this secret service agent appears to lean over towards George W. Bush:

Secret Service Agent Passes Note To George W Bush

Some think the agent may have passed a note to him. Bush then supposedly gave it to his wife, Laura, and she showed it to Jeb.

Click here to watch an HD version of the interaction.

UPDATE #1: It appears former Vice President Joe Biden ALSO received a similar looking envelope (h/t scotthebruce2):

Joe Biden Funeral Envelope

Joe Biden Funeral Envelope 2

Video (skip to 1:33):


Karen Pence Envelope


Al Gore Envelope 3

Al Gore Envelope 4

Al Gore Envelope 2

UPDATE #4: Wow! The Obamas got an envelope too. Notice Barack and Michelle’s facial expressions after seeing it (h/t balammb):

Obama Envelope 1

Obama Envelope 2

Obama Envelope 3



QAnon Promise To Counter

UPDATE #6: In a recent interview, Michelle Obama said “we can’t get indicted.” Maybe these mystery envelopes are telling the recipients otherwise?

UPDATE #7: George W. Bush’s Twitter account has been locked / set to private:

George W Bush Twitter Account Locked

UPDATE #8: In September during one of Trump’s speeches at the White House, VP Mike Pence was seen doing a Masonic handshake and passing a note to a law enforcement officer (click to enlarge):

Mike Pence Masonic Handshake And Note Pass

Perhaps Pence has been compromised and this is why his wife, Karen, received an envelope?

Image and Video Credits: ABC News, Daily Mail, YouTube, Twitter, C-SPAN, 4chan, 8chan