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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Calls Don Lemon “Petty And Small”

In a conversation about Barack Obama choosing to shake President Donald Trump’s hand at George H. W. Bush’s funeral, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo called Don Lemon “petty and small” after Lemon not only said he wouldn’t have shaken the president’s hand if he were Obama, but also demonstrated exactly what he would do by using one of his production team members as a prop.

Watch below:


Lemon: You don’t have to show respect for that kind of person. Let me show you what I…

Cuomo: You don’t have to…

Lemon: Let me show you – I want to show you something. Let me show you what I would have done.

Cuomo: You don’t have to…

[Production member walks up to Lemon with his hand extended. Lemon refuses to shake it and nods his head then smugly looks away]

Cuomo: You’re petty and small.

Lemon: Not petty and small. That’s real, brother. That’s real.

Cuomo: Real petty and small.

Lemon: Nope, it’s not. This is not about ideology. This is about the way someone conducts themselves.

Main Image Credit: CNN