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Disgraced Ex-FBI Director James Comey Toasts To “Fond Memories” In Strange Instagram Post…

On Tuesday, former FBI Director James Comey posted an odd image on Instagram showing himself holding a glass of wine with his feet propped up near a fireplace.

The caption: “Toasting fond memories.”

View the post below:


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Toasting fond memories.

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What caught our eye was the image etched into his wine glass; it kind of looks like a silhouette of Eliot Ness, an old-school American Prohibition agent who was famous for bringing down Al Capone:

Eliot Ness

We weren’t the only ones to find his picture and message a bit strange. Here are some other thoughts:

“He’s become the self-righteous [expletive] that he’s always dreamed of.”

“He’s sending a code to the Deep State.”

“Toasting and showing a fireplace means he probably burned evidence or something.”

“…That it doesn’t matter how corrupt he is or what laws he breaks, he’ll never see justice for his actions because laws only apply to little people like you and me that aren’t connected with satanic pedos occupying the upper echelon of our society. Sell your soul to the devil and you’ll sit and drink wine by the fireplace instead of sitting in a federal prison.”

“He’s taunting Trump’s Q team… Comey knows where a lot of bodies are buried; you can’t just ‘come at him’ and he knows it.”

What do you think Comey’s Instagram post means? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Image Credits: Instagram, Pinterest