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Possible Ebola Outbreak Reported In Hanover, Germany

Health officials in Germany are investigating a possible Ebola case in a Hanover multi-family house. Along with the local fire brigade, authorities have brought in special equipment, including protective hazmat suits and a truck containing decontamination material.

Per German news outlet Haz:

The state health department confirmed that there is an Ebola suspicion. On Wednesday afternoon, samples were collected at the site, which are now being analyzed in a laboratory. Results are expected in the early evening.

Wednesday morning, a mother who lives in the building complained about a rapidly rising fever, along with other Ebola-like symptoms. A total of five people occupy the residence, including three small children.

Due to her symptoms and the fact that the sick mother had recently taken a holiday trip to Cameroon, a doctor prompted for her to receive an expedited blood test for Ebola.

“This procedure is the normal course of action when we have such limited information,” says region spokeswoman Sonja Wendt. The probability of her being infected with the highly contagious disease, however, is low.

The rescue services that responded to the family’s address decided against transporting her to another location. Since her health is remaining stable, they are recommending she stays in place.

According to the fire brigade, the standard procedure for every possible Ebola case is for others to keep sufficient enough distance from the patient since the virus is transmitted by droplet infection.

Some neighbors, however, weren’t too pleased with the lax attitude of emergency service workers.

“We were absolutely worried,” says nearby resident Hasan Karagöz, who has a two-and-a-half year old daughter. They live directly under the affected apartment and learned about the suspected case from the media. “No one has told us anything,” he continued.

Currently, the Ebola epidemic in Africa is widespread with a total of 500 cases.

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Image Credit: Haz/Christian Elsner