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Doctor On Social Media Brags About “Whispering Verses Of The Quran” Into The Ears Of White Babies…

On Saturday, Hussein Kesvani, an editor at Mel Magazine and “head doctor” of the Trashfuture Podcast, posted the following message on Twitter:

“I love being a doctor and whispering verses of the Quran into the ears of white babies, and therefore making them Muslim. The hospital I work for knows I have been doing this for years, but can’t strike me off because they are scared of being called racist”


The controversial tweet has garnered quite a bit of attention from fellow users. Here are some interesting replies:

It’s certainly a sign of the times when it’s totally acceptable (see the 18K likes) to crack jokes about infants of a certain race.

If the roles were reversed, there would probably be blood in the streets.

What do you think about Kesvani’s tweet? Was it just a harmless joke? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Main Image Credit: Lifehack