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Under The Radar: Italy Just Agreed To Adopt The UN’s Global Compact For Migration

Vox News is reporting the UN General Assembly approved of the Global Compact For Migration proposal on Monday, with only two countries rejecting it: the United States and Hungary.

Another country, Italy, originally did not want to adopt the measure, but reportedly backtracked at the last minute and voted in favor of it.

The compact features a series of objectives, including making available the best health care and education for refugees in participating host countries.

Additional details:

  • The concept of “refugee” will be extended to people affected by climate change (paragraph 12).
  • Every four years starting in 2019, a global refugee forum will monitor and produce an index of how each country has respected the obligations of the agreement (paragraphs 17-19).
  • A global academic network will be set up with universities, associations and research institutions to create opportunities for refugees in education, research and scholarships (paragraph 43).
  • The promotion of a positive attitude towards refugees who are transferring from one country to another (paragraph 90).

The document itself is supposedly not legally binding, even though German Chancellor Angela Merkel said otherwise a few days ago.

Read the official proposal here.

Image Credit: YouTube