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As Usual, VICE Is Asking The Important Questions…

VICE, a Canadian-American magazine and website that prides itself on being “the definitive guide to enlightening information,” posted the following question to their Twitter followers on Tuesday:

“It’s time to ask yourself: Would you f**k the Grinch?”

VICE Grinch

VICE author Beckett Mufson starts off by writing:

“The next hot millennial trend is, apparently, wanting to perform an****gus on the furry green man-beast who stole Christmas.

“It’s long been established that the internet loves daydreaming about f**king human-ish evildoers like Venom and Pennywise, the clown from IT. Since it’s the holidays, the horny online masses are taking a break from supernatural murderers and instead fixating on the furry green a** cheeks of the Grinch.”

We get it. Sensationalist clickbait stories are great for views and ad revenue, but is there no limit to the degeneracy?

Also, why does Twitter allow VICE and other outlets like them to post these vulgar tweets without any filters or censorship whatsoever?

Would you want your young children to see this kind of language and content?

Here’s a link to their article if you really want to read it (Warning: NSFW)

Main Image Credit: VICE, Twitter