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VIDEO: Massive Pyramid-Shaped UFO Seen Hovering Over Pentagon

A rotating, triangular-shaped UFO was recently spotted hovering over the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

Watch below:

Video #2:

Video #3:

Screenshots of the UFO:

Pentagon UFO Ground Level 1

Pentagon UFO Ground Level 2

Pentagon UFO Ground Level 3

Pentagon UFO Ground Level 4

Pentagon UFO Ground Level 5
Credit: thirdphaseofmoon (YouTube)

An almost identical looking object was caught on camera flying over the Kremlin in 2013:

Kremlin UFO

Video (skip to 0:20):

On Saturday, December 8th, SpaceX’s Dragon CRS-16 spacecraft was filmed during its rendezvous with the ISS.

At timestamps 1:33 and 4:20, a strange triangular and metallic-looking object can be seen passing near CRS-16:

Video and Main Image Credits: Jane Doe, Alex Dude, The Real Scott Davis, arina rinar, SpaceX, YouTube