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Columnist From ‘The Root’ Hopes NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch “Dies In A Car Fire” And “Burns Slow” In Disturbing Tweet…

On Saturday, Michael Harriot, a columnist at The Root, posted a very disturbing message on Twitter directed towards NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch.

Here’s the controversial tweet (his words, not ours):

“F**k Dana Loesch.

“I hope she dies in a car fire with the windows open so she doesn’t pass out from smoke asphyxiation and has to burn slow.

“That is all.”

Michael Harriot Verified Twitter User

The tweet was supposedly deleted by Twitter after it was flagged:

Michael Harriot Dana Loesch Tweet Deleted

When a former follower confronted Harriot, he defended his previous message:

Michael Harriot Verified Twitter User 2


It’s great that Twitter actually took action and deleted Harriot’s hate-filled message, but why wasn’t his account suspended?

Also, why is Harriot still a verified user?

Social media companies need to start enforcing ALL of their policies, no matter who violates them. At this point, it’s entirely one-sided when it comes to bans and censorship; conservative accounts are far more likely to face their wrath.

The bias and double standards need to end.

Main Image Credit: CNN