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Beloved Liberal Icon J.K. Rowling Misquotes The Word “Bankers” As “Jews” In Barrage Of Hateful Tweets Against Jeremy Corbyn

On Saturday, ‘Harry Potter’ author J.K. Rowling went off on a strange Twitter rant about Jeremy Corbyn, a British politician serving as the leader of the Labour Party.

She began by writing the following:

And lo, unto her did appear a host of Corbyn defenders, who did descend upon her mentions, and she was not sore afraid, because she was used to it. And the host did sing with one voice, ‘ungodly woman, thou foolest us not. We know the true reason thou despisest Saint Jeremy.’


In her ninth tweet, she wrote:

‘Speak not of the Jews!’ cried the host. ‘Why must thou speak so oft of the Jews?’ ‘Yea, I must speak,’ said she, ‘for when Jews no longer feel safe in Labour then I too must leave.’ And one of the host did shout something about the Rothschilds


Some believe Rowling replaced the word “Bankers” with “Jews” to insinuate that Corbyn is antisemitic:

Other users were also not very happy about her long-winded rant and smear job:

Click here to read the rest of Rowling’s tweets from earlier today.


Let us know your thoughts about the author’s diatribe against Corbyn. Did she go too far? Leave a comment below.

Main Image Credit: Variety