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VIDEO: Blind Teen Journalist Asks Vladimir Putin For Permission To Touch His Face

Following his annual news conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to visually impaired Regina Parpiyeva, 17, whose dream is to become a journalist.

Watch below:



Putin participates in the Dream With Me project, which is aimed at fulfilling the dreams of children with serious illnesses

Regina Parpiyeva, 17 years old, is from Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. She dreams of conducting an interview with a famous person.

[Documentary plays on nearby TV]

Regina. She lives in complete darkness. She underwent two bone marrow transplant operations. This is a real test, even for an adult.

Regina is only 17 years old but her willpower is stronger than [most] adults.

Also, her interests are not childish at all.

Regina: “I dream of becoming a social media journalist and help out people. Also, I would like to be a TV presenter of different social and cultural shows.”

[Putin speaks to group]

Putin: “You know what, we will talk to RT. They will invite her and work with her and choose a person with whom she can conduct an interesting and informative conversation and interview.”


After a 4 hour-long press conference, Putin meets Regina for an interview.

Putin: “Hi!”

Regina: “Hi, Mr. President.”

Putin: “How are you?”

Regina: “Very well, thank you.”

Putin: “How is Moscow?”

Regina: “Great!”

Putin: “Do you like the capital?”

Regina: “Yes, very much.”

Putin: “Where did you go? What did you do?”

Regina: “Today I relaxed in the press room and talked with journalists. They were teaching me the basics.”

Putin: “In general, whom did you meet after arriving in Moscow? How long have you been in Moscow?”

Regina: “I participated in the competition from Friday to Monday. Swimming competitions. I took silver place.”

Putin: “Really? Great, well done!”

Putin: “What was the style of swimming?”

Regina: “Breaststroke. Two distances, 50 and 100 meters.”

Putin: “Nice. Congratulations.”

Regina: “Thank you very much. You are also swimming.”

Putin: “Yes, I swim a little bit too”

Regina: “That’s great.”

Putin: “Probably not as good as you, but I will do my best.”

Regina: “OK.”

Putin: “However, I’m not interviewing you”

Regina: “Yes, that’s true. That’s why I would like to ask you a few questions.”

Putin: “Please do.”


Regina’s full interview with Putin will be published on Christmas.

[End of interview]

Putin: “I wish you all the best.”

Regina: “Can I see (touch) you?”

[Putin leans his head down]

Regina: “You are very handsome.”

Image, Video and Caption Credits: Russia Insight/YouTube