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URGENT: China Just Launched A Currency Attack On The Canadian Dollar

At around 9pm UTC on Tuesday evening, China launched a highly sophisticated algorithmic 18+ hour currency attack which caused the Canadian dollar to collapse, according to an insider who wishes to remain anonymous to protect his identity.

“This is a 10 standard deviation move – a move so rare that statistically it should occur once every 500 trillion years.


“It’s being covered up,” said the source. “Not a single media outlet has mentioned it. Word is intelligence agencies are involved.”

When asked why China would sabotage the Canadian dollar, the insider replied:

“It was a show of power. It appears the attack halted abruptly and USDCAD came back down to Monday’s level of 1.36. Since then, most sites have cleansed their data sets of the attack, with Bloomberg/Reuters not having reported it as they were not tracking forex at the time (intra-bank).

Outrageous Food Prices

Food prices in Canada have increased exponentially in the past few weeks/months. Some are blaming U.S. President Donald Trump’s hard-line stance on achieving fair bilateral trade deals between the United States, Mexico, Canada AND China.

Others, such as the whistleblower who spilled the beans on the recent Chinese government attack on CAD, believe it goes much deeper than that.

Here are a few examples of the insane food prices being seen in the “The Great White North.”

Who can afford this stuff?

Canada Beef Price

Canada Schweppes Price

Canada Nestle Pure Life Price

Canada Cauliflower Price

Canada Grapes Price

Canada Orange Juice Price

Canada Fruit Punch Price

Canada Chips Price

Canada Breakfast Bar Price

Canada Chef Boyardee Price

Canada Cantaloupe Price

Canada Spaghetti Price

Main Image Credit: YouTube