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Meet The Man Who Wants To Clone Jesus Christ Using DNA Fragments Found On The Shroud Of Turin

Avi Ben-Abraham, a “genius” scientist who has relentlessly worked to find a cure for AIDS, also wanted to “clone Jesus Christ from DNA fragments extracted from the Shroud of Turin.”

Avi Ben-Abraham
Avi Ben-Abraham (Credit: Zimbio)

In a lengthy Chicago Tribune article, Ben-Abraham discussed his dream of cloning the first human being, who happens to be the Christian messiah, Jesus Christ:

“This work must be done by the best minds in the world,” he told reporters in March. “I am one of them.”

Ben-Abraham, who has claimed since his days as a medical student in Italy to have high-level contacts within the Vatican, says that several senior officials of the Roman Catholic Church support human cloning despite the church’s public stand against it. Their hope, he once told a George Washington University symposium, is to clone Jesus Christ from DNA fragments extracted from the Shroud of Turin.

Although the Vatican declined to comment on Ben-Abraham’s assertions, and Israeli law forbids such experiments, Ben-Abraham claimed many influential figures in the holy land privately support human cloning.

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His reasons for wanting to clone Jesus are unknown, but some have speculated Ben-Abraham, along with other nefarious individuals / organizations, would like to reenact Christ’s crucifixion, which took place nearly 2,000 years ago.

If true, the consequences of doing such an extreme and blasphemous deed could prove disastrous.

What are your thoughts about Ben-Abraham’s proposal? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Image Credit: Ancient Origins