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University Of Virginia Med Student Receives 1-Year Suspension For Exhibiting “Antagonistic And Disrespectful” Behavior During “Microaggressions” Lecture

A second-year medical student at the University of Virginia was suspended for one year after he apparently offended lecturers, staff and some students by expressing his concerns in a conversation about “social issues in medicine” and “microaggressions.”

In a letter sent to the student by the Chair of the university’s Academic Standards and Achievement Committee (ASAC), he stated the student’s behavior was “thought to be unnecessarily antagonistic and disrespectful.” The Chair also suggested the student should “consider getting counseling in order to work on your skills of being able to express yourself appropriately.”


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Two weeks later, the student received another letter stating he was being suspended from the school and could “apply for readmission to return to class no earlier than August, 2019.” It even mentioned how ASAC decided the student’s “offensive” actions necessitated the calling of an emergency meeting to determine his future:


The student posted audio recordings of the lecture and ASAC hearing on SoundCloud (the “offensive” interaction can be heard from 28:45 to 34:00 in the recording titled ‘Microaggressions presented by AMWA’):

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The student has also contacted Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) as well as a lawyer for assistance on this matter:

UVA Med Student Senator Time Kaine

View the student’s Twitter account here.

UVA Twitter

UVA Facebook

UVA Contact Page

UPDATE #1: Here is the complaint that allegedly started this whole debacle:

PhD of Microaggressions

UPDATE #2: Below is an audio clip of a transplant surgeon who reportedly attended the lecture and talked about her life-altering “microaggression” experience with a severely ill patient…

UPDATE #3: It appears the university also offers a one-credit hour COURSE called Microaggressions: Why Are “They” So Sensitive?

UVA Microaggressions Why Are They So Sensitive

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UPDATE #5: The student received a trespassing warning from UVA’s police department (source):

UVA Trespassing 1

UVA Trespassing 2

UVA Trespassing 3

Interesting observation: the warning citation (second screenshot) shows the student as having “no affiliation” with the university, even though he has only been suspended.

The student also shared on his Twitter account an email he received from the Dean (click to enlarge):

UVA Trespassing 4

It is unknown at this time why the student visited the campus.

Main Image Credit: John Hopkins University