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2020 Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Caught With “Blackface” Doll Sitting On Her Kitchen Cabinet During Live Instagram Stream

During a live Instagram stream in her home kitchen on New Years Eve, Massachusetts Senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was seen “taking a break” and drinking beer while speaking to her supporters:

“Um, I’m glad for everybody who’s joining this video. It’s great to hear from you.

“Hold on a sec, I’m going to get me a beer.”

After she got her beer, Warren introduced her husband and then announced she was going to run for president in 2020, according to CBS News.


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Interestingly enough, sitting on top of the senator’s kitchen cabinet appeared to be a black-colored doll:

Elizabeth Warren Blackface Doll New Years Eve Instagram 2


Elizabeth Warren Blackface Doll New Years Eve Instagram Enhanced

Some believe the doll, or small statue, may resemble a racist “Sambo” type caricature.

View examples herehere and here.

What are your thoughts? Is it really a “blackface” doll or just a harmless decoration piece?

Let us know by leaving a comment.

UPDATE: It appears there has been quite a bit of outrage on Twitter over the discovery:

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Image Credits: Instagram, YouTube