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Forbes Writer Calls Tucker Carlson A “Worthless White Nationalist Animal With No Value Or Humanity”

Mark Hughes, a screenwriter and Forbes contributor, recently called Fox News Host Tucker Carlson a “worthless white nationalist animal with no value or humanity” on his verified Twitter account in response to a segment Tucker had on his show that discussed the decline of men in America:


Most recently, Hughes directly attacked the network itself calling it a “rancid sewer” full of “filthy Nazi scum,” along with some other colorful other insults.

He claims Fox acts as a “Russian asset” and says the network has “no right to exist”:


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Some other remarks Hughes has made:

Here is a recent article Hughes wrote for Forbes, which if you notice, is centered around entertainment and totally unrelated to politics:

The Top 20 Best Films Of 2018

It’s only January 4th and 2019 is already shaping up to be a wild year.

With the recent turnover of the House, these folks have become emboldened and smell blood in the water. They’ll stop at nothing to shut down conservatives and those who lean right of center.

Their ultimate goal: to either impeach and eject President Trump from the White House or retake it in 2020.

Main Image Credit: Daily Wire