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MARTIAL LAW: Leaked Document Shows French Police Are Planning On Confiscating Firearms From ALL Citizens

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French Police To Confiscate Private Citizens Guns

English Translation:

From: Minister of the Interior

To: Prefects of the police in departments and regions, Prefects of the police

Subject: Initiation of procedures of confiscation of firearms of categories B,C and D pursuant to legislation 2012-304 of 6 march 2012. 

Due to the gravity of the current situation and expecting a worsening of the insurrection, please put into place without delay the necessary procedures to confiscate all firearms of the aforementioned categories held by citizens on the national territory.

Local police and gendarmerie forces will carry out the confiscation and deliver receipts mentioning the date of the confiscation, type and number of seized weapons, information of the identity of the legal owner and [his] corresponding [firearm] permit numbers.

This confiscation will be applicable for a period of 6 months, which it can be renewed, and after which the firearms should be returned to their owners.

Special categories[?] and agents of the State authorized to keep and bear firearms will be exempted from the confiscation of their service weapons. [Service weapons of state agents will not be confiscated].

Local police forces will be responsible for storage and security of the stored weapons.

Operational orders will be given to you in the next communications. 

Christophe Castaner

Main Image Credit: Granite Grok