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Here Are 6 Important Reasons Why You Should Be Using Gab is a popular social media platform similar to Twitter.

It describes itself as a “social network built and funded by The People with a mission to defend free expression online.” Every bit of that statement is true.

In the age of mass censorship, especially when it comes to conservative and right-leaning political thinking, it’s refreshing to have alternative platforms that support the concept of free speech and reject so-called “hate speech.”

Gab is one of those platforms and you should be using it.

Here’s why:

  1. Gab does not censor controversial opinions that are protected by the First Amendment.
  2. Gab respects user data and privacy.
  3. Gab rejects data requests constantly from foreign governments to protect our users.
  4. Gab does not sell user data.
  5. Gab aims to collect the least amount of user data possible for the app to function.
  6. You are not the product on Gab.

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So, if you’re an avid social media user on other sites or apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, go ahead and add to that list.

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Image Credit: Gab