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Euro Begins To Fall Sharply Amidst Fears Of Imminent French “Yellow Vest” Bank Run

Source: Daily Crusader

PARIS, France – Within hours of the “Yellow Vest” protesters announcing a bank run in France, the Euro has begun to plunge sharply, already falling 0.23%.

Euro Crashes Yellow Vest Bank Run
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With the proposed “bank run” idea already spreading to neighboring countries such as Italy and the UK, it appears that the effects may be strong. It is important to note that it appears that the alleged “bank run” has not even yet begun – it is only an idea being floated in social media and elsewhere – but it seems to already be shaking up the Euro markets.

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Many in France have become disillusioned with their government, who they see as openly selling them to globalist interests, and with the EU in particular, who they feel is a tyrannical organization which is overriding the sovereignty of their nation.

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Main Image Credit: Lombardi Letter