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Starbucks Installing Needle Disposal Boxes In Store Bathrooms To “Protect Employees”

Source: Zero Hedge

Starbucks locations in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metropolitan region will be shortly introducing needle deposit boxes in store bathrooms after thousands of employees signed a petition demanding the coffee company do more to “protect employees.”

Starbucks Needle Disposal Box Petition

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“Exposure to HIV/AIDS, Hep C, Hep B, etc. is a risk in Seattle where there is a heroin/hep c crisis. There is no vaccine for Hep C, and Starbucks refuses to comment when employees mention this risk,” the petition — posted by “Citizen Z” states. “Employees risk getting poked, and DO get poked, even when following ‘protocol’ of using gloves and tongs to dispose of used needles left in bathrooms, tampon disposal boxes, and diaper changing stations.”

The petition provides a brief understanding of the hazardous conditions at work. First, there is a fear among employees that they will come in contact with hypodermic needles that are regularly disposed of in trash cans in bathrooms by opioid addicts and the homeless. The petition provides an example of some employees having to receive medical care and paying “almost two thousand dollars” for hospital bills after-exposure. It goes on to say that employees must “pay out-of-pocket for this before being reimbursed until Starbucks’s company insurance kicks in,” adding that, “many baristas cannot afford the medical bills and have to resort to “loans and credit cards.”

Starbuck Needles

Starbucks Bathroom Mess

Starbucks Bathroom Mess 2

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