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CREEPY: Demon-like Face Seen At Event Featuring 11-Year-Old Drag Queen Desmond Napoles

Desmond Napoles, a “child drag performer” who gained popularity in 2017 following his public performances, was recently seen at a fashion show catwalk event:

Desmond Napoles Fashion Show

Before the show started, an unidentified man could be seen assisting Desmond with his outfit:

Desmond Napoles Demon Face

Near the upper right corner of the photo is a pale, smiling demon-like face looking directly at the camera:

Desmond Napoles Demon Face Enhanced 1

Perhaps this is a sign that small children should not be involved in events like these…

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Last May, a billboard was spotted in Times Square that featured a picture of Desmond and the sentence “DESMOND IS AMAZING” repeated twice:

Desmond Is Amazing Billboard Spiral
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On the child’s forehead is a strange spiral looking shape:

Desmond Is Amazing Billboard Spiral Enhanced

The FBI believes these types of symbols are used by predators to identify sexual preferences:

FBI Pedo Symbols

Image Credits: 4chan, YouTube, Wikileaks