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Bill Maher’s Billboard In West Hollywood, CA “Altered” With NPC Meme

A street artist reportedly climbed up nearly six stories to “alter” a billboard that featured ‘Real Time’ host Bill Maher in West Hollywood, CA:

Bill Maher NPC Billboard

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The artist shared his work on Twitter with the caption “Sometimes we go high up to put out the signal. This time it was 6 stories.”


Here are some reactions from social media users:

UPDATE #1: The location of the billboard is near La Cienega Blvd & Holloway Dr, according to @DCinSoCal:

Bill Maher NPC Billboard Location Google Maps
Click to see on Google Maps

UPDATE #2: Here is another photo from a slightly different angle that hopefully proves the billboard image is not photoshopped/fake (Source: @MickMotor):

H/T: Mark Dice

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@TheFaction1776