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Gillette’s North America Brand Director Wants To “Groom” The Next Generation Of Men…

If you haven’t seen it already, a recent Gillette ad has stirred up a whole lot of controversy:

The commercial, which can also be seen on YouTube, has so far racked up over 12 million views.

The like-to-dislike ratio is a sign that many aren’t happy with the direction the popular men’s razor brand is heading (300K+ likes & 700K+ dislikes).

Some are even claiming the likes are being artificially inflated and the dislikes/comments removed:

Gillette Ad Dislike Ratio Tweaked
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Advertisement: Lucky Shot USA

Now, in a revealing interview with AP (archive link), Pankaj Bhalla, Gillette’s North America brand director, said “controversy was not the intended goal of the ad” but there is a larger ongoing campaign to redefine the brand’s longtime tagline “The Best a Man Can Get.”

“Our ultimate aim is to groom the next generation of men, and if any of this helps even in a little way we’ll consider that a success,” Bhalla proclaimed.

When asked if he is worried about possible loss of sales or even a boycott, Bhalla said he wouldn’t want that to happen, but “would not discourage conversation or discussion because of that.”

Video and Image Credits: YouTube, Twitter, Gillette