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Opinion: Why THE HELL Is This Show Allowed On Netflix!?

‘Dancing Queen,’ a Netflix original that aired last October, is “taking the world by storm” as it follows drag artist Justin Johnson while he prepares his very young students for an “intensely competitive season on the stage.”

Watch the trailer below:

Johnson, who is also known as “Alyssa Edwards” at night when he puts on makeup and a dress, is an accomplished choreographer and dance teacher who rose to fame shortly after competing on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’

But, enough with the introductions…

Why ON EARTH is a show that features a DRAG QUEEN teaching little kids to dance provocatively allowed to run on Netflix!??

Isn’t there something a little… off about that?

We’re not the only one who thinks this is a bit sketchy and weird:

“How much more can the world decay? What will they force upon my children? What will they force upon my grandchildren? My hope for a happy future is dead,” said one viewer.

“This is blatant sexualizing of children,” explained another. “Seriously, there’s no response from any parents – no outrage against this to put a spotlight on Netflix for pushing this depraved degeneracy.”

“Not even traditional or religious families are speaking up.”

Another interesting point:

“Nobody just ‘let’ [shows like] this happen. Our advances in living standards and technology caused this. For decades we’ve advanced and made our lives easier, but now the debt from those advances is making itself known. There is no way to have cell phones and online gaming without having these problems, because we’re unnaturally overstimulating our reward system. Just like there’s no way to have cameras in phones and gaming devices and laptops and not have illegal content. The children themselves are making most of that type of content these days and it’s impossible to stop. You’d have to ban phones and cameras to stop this and nobody is going to do that willingly. Unless you live in North Korea.”

It seems like more and more children are being involved in these types of activities, whether it be ‘Drag Queen Story Time’:

Drag Queen Story Time 2

Drag Queen Story Time 3

Drag Queen Story Time 4

Drag Queen Story Hour

Desmond Napoles, an 11-year-old drag performer:

Desmond Napoles 11 Year Old Drag Queen

Desmond Napoles 11 Year Old Drag Queen 2

Or Netflix’s ‘Dancing Queen,’ as we discussed earlier:

Dancing Queen 1

Dancing Queen 2

Has Western society lost its moral compass?

If you’re old enough, think back 20-30 years ago. Would this type of stuff have been allowed?

Is it now considered “progressive” to push extremely young children to act as drag performers or be taught/trained by them (most of whom are much older grown men)?

We’d like to know your thoughts. Leave a comment below.

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Image Credits: Netflix, YouTube, SF Weekly, WKRG, Drag Queen Story Hour