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Liberal News Outlet Huffington Post Cans A Number Of Non-Essential Reporters, But Why?

HuffPost, a popular far-left news website, just got rid of a bunch of their reporters on Thursday, but no one knows why.

Laura Bassett, a “culture, gender and politics reporter” said she got laid off after working at Huffington Post for 8 long years:

Some personal news: I’ve been laid off along with some of my incredible colleagues. It’s been a wonderful 8 years at HuffPost, and I’ll miss my newsroom family more than anything.

If anyone is looking for a culture/gender/politics reporter, longform and short, I’m available.

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Bassett received tons of replies, most giving their condolences and saying she’ll find another job soon (possibly at Starbucks or some other prestigious organization).

Others weren’t so kind:

Nick Wing was a senior reporter at the company and wrote about “people, policies and things that get us in trouble”:

Lauren Weber revealed her “team” was “eliminated” today:

Weber later provided links to a number of articles she wrote, which include topics such as the ACLU, ebola virus and other health-related issues:

Chloe Angyal, a deputy editor at HuffPost, was also let go and said the entire “Opinion” section is being abandoned:

For those who are wondering, @HuffPost Opinion — the entire section — is being eliminated. The beautiful, diverse, inclusive baby we built from scratch is gone.

Actor James Woods had another take on the situation:

We agree. Good riddance.