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Infowars Reporter Owen Shroyer Is Pressing Charges Against Women’s March Protester Who Sexually Assaulted Him

A liberal protester who confronted Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer at a recent ‘Women’s March’ event and inappropriately grabbed his genitals will be prosecuted for sexual assault.

In the video seen above, Shroyer can be heard saying “She just grabbed my d*ck!”

“Is that sexual assault?” Shroyer asked.

The woman replied, “Yes.”

Shroyer then confirmed the woman sexually assaulted him and asked her if she should be arrested. The woman responded, “Arrest me. There are police officers right here.”

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On Wednesday, Shroyer spoke about the encounter on his show ‘The War Room’ and asked callers if he should proceed with pressing charges against the deranged protester.

Watch below:

Video and Image Credits: Newswars, Infowars