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Whistleblower: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is “Deathly Ill” And In A “Medically Induced Coma” – Fears “Massive Unrest” Once Public Finds Out The Truth

A source who identifies herself as “Lindsey B.” has taken to image board 8ch to share a dire message about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Since the website is essentially an anonymous forum and identities are not normally confirmed, we cannot say with certainty the following information is true.

We are only reporting on this because we think our readers might find it interesting.

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Lindsey began her post by saying she is “someone close to Ruth”:

“I … have decided to come here to tell you the truth about what is happening, because I fear there is going to be massive unrest once the whole nation finds out what has been hidden from them. You can call me Lindsey B. for future reference (not my real name, obviously).”

The whistleblower continued, and debunked any rumors floating around saying Ginsburg is already deceased:

“Ruth is not dead, like others have suggested. She is in a medically induced coma at an undisclosed location. Ruth is deathly ill with pneumonia and has multiple infections related to her recent lung cancer surgery and the accident that fractured her ribs.

Lindsey then revealed some shocking information (if true):

Big players on the Democrat side of things are doing everything they can to cover this up and keep Ruth out of the spotlight and alive (through life support, if necessary). They do not want, under any circumstances, Trump picking another justice to serve on the SCOTUS. This would be devastating to their long-term plans… or so I have been told.

They plan on continuing this charade until the 2020 election and will casually announce she has passed away after a new Dem president gets into office. If Trump remains in office and wins reelection, I’m not sure what they will do.”

The photo below is supposedly from Ginsburg’s hospital room or bedroom. Nurses were moving her over on her side to prevent bedsores:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Deathly Ill
Credit: Lindsey B. (anonymous source)

UPDATE #1: The whistleblower has revealed the alleged location of Ginsburg –

RBG Nevada Desert

“About the undisclosed location, I can tell you this much: Ruth is currently located at a facility in the Nevada desert. Sorry, but I can’t say much more than that.”

UPDATE #2: Here is an “enhanced” version of the image posted by Lindsey B. You can clearly see a face near the bottom. Is it really Ginsburg?

RBG Enhanced

UPDATE #3: It appears the whistleblower is getting a bit paranoid…

Another Update From Lindsey B

“A few folks around here are starting to look at me strangely. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Was the info I posted shared elsewhere?

Still haven’t had a chance to snap another photo.”

UPDATE #4: “Lindsey B.” has not posted again as of 12:00pm PT (1/28/19). 🤔

UPDATE #5: Here are some interesting facts that make the alleged claim Ginsburg is “deathly ill” plausible (Source: u/wavecollapse) –

  • RBG is 85 years old. Just for reference, average life expectancy of a woman in the US is 81.
  • RBG has been on the SCOTUS since 1993.
  • In 1999, she was diagnosed with colon cancer, underwent therapy/surgery and never missed a day on the bench.
  • On Feburary 5th, 2009 RBG underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer. The Tampa Bay Times offered a grim outlook, “Odds are, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not survive pancreatic cancer.” Yet, she returned to the bench on Febuary 23, 2009.
  • In November, 2014 RBG has heart surgery to replace a stent.
  • November 8th, 2018 she fractured three ribs in a fall. A day later she had returned to work.
  • The November 8th fall led to a CT scan which showed cancerous nodules on her lung. On December 21st, she underwent a left-lung lobectomy. Prior to December 21st, RBG has never missed a day of oral argument during her 25 years serving SCOTUS. She was discharged in December.
  • On January 7th, RBG missed Supreme Court arguments for the 1st time. Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said the 85-year-old justice is continuing to recuperate and work from home after doctors removed two cancerous growths from her left lung on Dec. 21.
  • On January 9th, 2019 TMZ claims to have spotted RBG for the first time since undergoing surgery. If you watch the video you can see the footage is not entirely compelling.
  • On January 21st, 2019 Fox and Friends accidentally shows graphic saying RBG is dead that apparently stemmed from a technical error.

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It sure would be nice if the police would do a welfare check on her to see if she’s still okay.

UPDATE #6: We’re not sure what to make of this. Here is the whistleblower’s latest post –

RBG Whistleblower Help

UPDATE #7: BNL News tweeted the following about RBG –

BNL News Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tweet

The alternative news outlet later deleted their tweet and said they want to “verify details before spreading unverified info”:

The alleged whistleblower, Lindsey B., has not posted again since her last message which simply said “help.”

UPDATE #8: Ginsburg was scheduled to attend an event this evening (1/29/2019) at the Skirball Cultural Center, but the event was cancelled because she is “curtailing travel and focusing on her work while recuperating from recent surgery” –

RBG Event Cancelled

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg regrets that she is unable to visit the Skirball on January 29. The Justice is curtailing travel and focusing on her work while recuperating from recent surgery. Thank you for your understanding.

Archive link:

UPDATE #9: Here is an interesting video update about RBG’s current status from OANN Host Jack Posobiec –


RBG Death Record

UPDATE #11: New info about the authenticity of Lindsey B.’s leaked photo –

EXIF data is scrubbed as would be expected, due to the imprecise resolution indicating a screenshot of an image. First appearance is of the person taking the photo behind a viewing glass, hence reflections across the image, and low contrast. File name appears to be a random hand typed filename of 29 characters from a right handed person using a laptop. Strings output as expected (random). Minor data past IEND marker, as shown in image.

The lighting composition is similar to that of the Sarah Silverman holding the phone fake circulated a while back. Scrubbing image to see if there’s anything else worth noting…

8ch RBG Photo EXIF Info

No clones detected. Image has the appearance of being genuine.

Higher contrast via level sweep shown.

8ch RBG Photo EXIF Info 2

RBG Higher Contrast

UPDATE #12: Sign the new White House petition demanding a response from President Trump and his administration about RBG’s status –

The American People DEMAND PROOF Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Still Mentally Able To Do Her Job On The SCOTUS

UPDATE #13: Take the following information with a grain of salt… (source) –

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Obituary

UPDATE #14: Oh, there she is! Yahoo/AP: Ginsburg makes 1st public appearance since cancer surgery –

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is making her first public appearance since undergoing lung cancer surgery in December.

The 85-year-old Ginsburg is attending a concert at a museum a few blocks from the White House that is being given by her daughter-in-law and other musicians. Patrice Michaels is married to Ginsburg’s son, James. Michaels is a soprano and composer.

The concert is dedicated to Ginsburg’s life in the law.

Ginsburg had surgery in New York on Dec. 21. She missed arguments at the court in January, her first illness-related absence in more than 25 years as a justice.

She has been recuperating at her home in Washington since late December.

Ginsburg had two previous bouts with cancer. She had colorectal cancer in 1999 and pancreatic cancer in 2009.

The justice sat in the back of the darkened auditorium at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

The National Constitution Center, which sponsored the concert, did not permit photography.


The Washington Post also reported on Ginsburg’s “public appearance”:

Fox News as well:

Fox News First Public Appearance Since Surgery

Yet, there are no recent photos or videos of her!

If she was out and about in public, wouldn’t you think the media would circulate all kinds of evidence that shows she’s still kickin’ (especially considering the rampant rumors and conspiracy theories floating around saying she’s either sick or dead)?

Wait, there’s more.

What’s this? An orchestrated mainstream media campaign to announce RBG’s “first public appearance” since her surgery? Wow…

RBG First Public Appearance Yeah Right
Click to enlarge

Unbelievable, really.

If Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wants to finally prove, once and for all, that she’s alive and well, she needs to show up to tonight’s (2/5/2019) SOTU Address!

Even though she has skipped it in the past, it’s especially important that she shows up tonight and proves to the American people she’s competent enough to do her job (by staying awake and attentive throughout the whole event). Otherwise, we need a replacement!

Yahoo/AP article archive:

WaPo article screenshot (couldn’t archive): 

Fox News article archive:

UPDATE #15: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not attend the 2019 State of the Union Address.

UPDATE #16: A “new” photo has emerged that supposedly shows Ginsburg at the ‘Notorious RBG in Song’ event on Monday evening –

Ruth Bader Ginsburg At Notorious RBG In Song Event

Here is an “enhanced” version that increased the photo’s brightness. Notice the strange horizontal lines around Ginsburg:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg At Notorious RBG In Song Event Enhanced

Here is the source for the above images, although it is rumored they were originally shared last night (2/5/2019) on Facebook and/or Twitter:

Notorious RBG In Song Leaked Photo Post
Click to enlarge

Warning: Before clicking the link below, be aware the thread contains possibly offensive content:


Disclaimer: Yes, we archived the link. No, we did not start the 4chan thread or post the photo.

UPDATE #17: Someone from the 4chan thread apparently thinks the photo originated from November 8, 2018 –

this is from Nov 8, 2018.


4chan Post RBG Photo
Click to enlarge

The article linked above was published on January 21, 2018 and updated the next day. (Google cache / Archive)

It is titled Ruth Bader Ginsburg talks about her run-ins with sexual harassers, those ‘Gins-burn’ sketches and her feelings about Sundance’s ‘RBG’ documentary premiere.

A few photos are included in the article, but not the one in question.

2018 Sundance RBG Documentary

Interesting note: The coat Ginsburg is wearing in the above photo looks similar to the one she wore while supposedly attending the concert on Monday:

RBG Photo Comparison

UPDATE #18: Reverse image search results from TinEye –

RBG Reverse Image Search 1

RBG Reverse Image Search 2

EXIF data from the original photo posted on 4chan (click to enlarge):

Notorious RBG in Song Exif Metadata

UPDATE #19: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reportedly “returned to the Supreme Court” on Friday (2/15/2019) –

RBG Returns To Court 02152019
Click to enlarge

According to Fox News:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is participating in a private conference with other justices Friday after missing several high-court meetings and dates for health reasons.

Still no photos or videos, though?

UPDATE #20: Some interesting information from 8/24/2019 (H/T: Chris) –

“I’m not going to say who I am, but I work for some very important people. I’m not very important, myself, however, but I still get most of the same info that they do, because I have to brief them on it.

“A couple of hours ago, I received a dossier stating that RBG passed almost twenty four hours ago, and the DNC is trying to create a contingency plan to soften the blow, and try and prevent Trump from installing a new SCOTUS justice. They’re already trying to get another Christine Blasey, but they’re going to pull out all the stops, this time, so be ready to hate these people even more. They’re genuinely headless chickens, at this point, and have nowhere to turn. They’re finished!

“Here’s why they’re so desperate, though, the Trump admin has several EO’s ready to go on election fraud committed by Dems, and it covers the spectrum from media monopoly/antitrust, to actual offices supported by left wing groups, that are registering illegals to vote. When Trump gets his SCOTUS justice, it’s game over. 2020 is going to be far less action packed than you think, because dems are going to have a proverbial boot on their neutered necks.”

RBG Condition 4chan 08242019
Click to enlarge

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