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Avid Image Board User? Newly Discovered AI Script Might Be Tracking Your EVERY Move Online…

A malicious script associated with was just discovered on popular image boards 4chan and 4channel.

Poweradai Tracking Script
Credit: 4channel

The script reportedly records users’ device IDs, mines and processes data then matches those IDs to various personal accounts (e.g. Microsoft Live, Gmail, Amazon, etc).

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Here’s a quick rundown:

  • 4chan is now tracking you using a script associated with
  • With every post you make, thread you view, etc. the data is mined and processed, and then associated with your device ID.
  • This device ID is matched to things like any Google/amazon/Microsoft account that’s been associated with the device you’re using.
  • Everything you read and say is now tied to your real life identity.
  • Your POLITICAL views, POLITICAL inclinations, and POLITICAL preferences are linked to your identity, along with anything considered “problematic)” by 3-letter agencies.
  • It’s not enough to simply try to block the script.
  • Phoneposters are eternally f**ked.

More information:

Okay, just read the js file, my javascript is pretty rusty but what i got from it is it injects that script into each page of 4channel, where it makes a record of a timestamp, your IP, it gets your country from that IP, the device you’re using to view it, how many visits you make on here a day, how many visits you’ve made on here in total, the thread you’re looking at and the things you click.

It then links these to your Amazon and Google tags, which is basically the collection of data these two already have on you outside of this site, which includes your address, contact details, biography, social media, etc.

Also, by the looks of it, they’re deciding whether you’re in the US or not but the script doesn’t terminate if you’re not.

Ironically, these scripts don’t appear on 4chan, just 4channel.

Best thing to do is block that url ( or as a whole, use a VPN, or just jump ship now.

This is starting to remind us of China’s Social Credit System. Is it happening here in the United States as well!?

Main Image Credit: Quick Heal Blog

Info Credit: anon SeVaoppG