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VIDEO: Heavily Armed Antifa Group Marches In Stone Mountain, Georgia

On Saturday, Antifa members openly carrying shotguns, AR-15s and other weapons assembled in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia to “oppose a planned neo-confederate rally.”

The “Neo-Confederates” reportedly didn’t show up, according to YouTube channel News2Share.

Watch below:

Some protesters were wearing yellow vests (see France’s gilets jaunes movement):

Antifa Yellow Vest

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Antifa, or Anti-Fascist Action, has been labeled a terrorist group by many organizations.

According to TRAC:

ANTIFA, or anti-fascist, is a decentralized collective of far-left activists intent on combating the rise of organized, far-right extremists. Within the movement, anarchists, communists, and social progressives have proven willing to use violence against their opponents, and vice-versa. Activists within the milieu argue that violence is used only in the last resort, and members prefer to expose, (or doxx) the identities of extremist-right adherents, rather than fight them in the streets. ANTIFA members utilize social media to organize counter-demonstrations and spread their intel on outed far-right activists. Despite disclaimers of peaceful intentions, the collective’s ‘gang’ violence, petty vandalism (smashing windows, cop cars, etc) and ‘shadow war’ with the radical right cannot be ignored; the potential for escalatory, tit-for-tat conflict with their opponents exists in the polarized Trump era.

Video and Image Credits: YouTube