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Joe Rogan Becomes Concerned When “Random” People Show Up At His Studio During Live Podcast…

On Monday, Joe Rogan was live on his podcast with guest Sebastian Maniscalco when he suddenly stated, “Who are all these guys showing up at our door?” He then continued the conversation with his guest as if nothing happened.

Viewers of the show thought some sort of altercation was about to take place.

One person commented, “Him seeing the people at his door seemed like an animal sensing danger. He got serious fast.”

JRE People At The Door

This comes a day after Rogan was exposed for being financially in bed with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and possibly even George Soros, which would explain the podcaster’s softball questions during the Dorsey interview regarding censorship and the deplatforming of conservative voices.

Watch below:

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H/T: YT user Chris Weber for finding the timestamp

Video and Image Credits: YouTube, JRE