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Epic “God Emperor Trump” Float Featured In Italy’s ‘Carnevale Di Viareggio’ Parade

The ‘Viareggio Carnival’ in Italy celebrated its 147th year by featuring a gigantic float of U.S. President Donald Trump dressed as the “God Emperor” – a meme that went viral during the 2016 presidential election.

YouTube channel Gab Pac uploaded a video showing the Trump float in action:

Revelers can be seen dancing and celebrating in the streets as the float moved its arms, head and even eyes.

Here are a few interesting observations about the insanely-detailed float:

  • Much of the float’s costume was most likely inspired by the popular tabletop game Warhammer 40K (see Emperor of Mankind)
  • Trump is wearing a Roman-style laurel wreath crown on his head
  • On his right shoulder pauldron can be seen what appears to be either ancient Roman Emperor Julius Caesar or Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as a hammer and sickle (so, probably the latter?)
  • The chest piece and left pauldron both feature an eagle with its wings spread, along with a Lovecraftian-themed coat of arms
  • His right hand is gripping a sword. The hilt features a round sun-like object with a triangle in the middle (all-seeing eye?) There are also Twitter bird logos “flying” around the hilt’s guard. The blade has the inscription “DAZI VOSTRI” which is Italian for “Your Duties”
  • Trump’s left hand is a “Power Claw,” or a giant powered gauntlet (h/t Emprah)
  • On his left knee is the Statue of Liberty’s face and on his right knee is (possibly) former U.S. President Ronald Reagan

Video and Image Credits: YouTube