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WEIRD: Italian Comedian Virginia Raffaele Repeats The Word “Satan” Five Times During Unsettling Performance At 2019 ‘Sanremo Festival’

During the third evening of the ‘Festival di Sanremo‘ in Italy, actress and comedian Virginia Raffaele “turned into a gramophone” in a strange and disturbing performance.

Raffaele repeated the Italian word “Satana” (“Satan” in English) five times and posed as the Baphomet at the end of her act.

Watch below (Satana at 3:35 and Baphomet pose at 4:22) –

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Raffaele’s performance drew criticism from many who viewed it, including Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini.

He posted the following message on Facebook about the unsettling act:

English translation:

I understand and share the concerns expressed by Fr Aldo Buonaiuto. We must not underestimate the problem of the satanic sects and we need to rely on the experts who help us to fight it. It is a disturbing phenomenon, apparently far from everyday experience, yet much closer and more frequent than one might think.

Main Image Credit: YouTube, Fox8