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Actress Rose McGowan Said She Had An Abortion When She Was Younger So She Would Have More Time To “Change The World”

Actress-turned-activist Rose McGowan took to Twitter yesterday and posted a couple of controversial messages about her personal experience with abortion.

McGowan ended her second tweet by encouraging her followers to discuss the topic by using hashtag #HonestAbortion:

“I have had an abortion and I support this message. I am not ashamed, nor should you be. That 60% of those who choose to have abortions are already mothers says a lot- they understand more than anyone. I was on birth control and it failed. I realized I could not bring a child into my world and simultaneously change the world. I do not regret my decision and it was not made lightly. If you do not want an abortion, don’t get one. My body, my choice, my life. Have you had to make a choice? Let’s talk and use hashtag #HonestAbortion”

The message McGowan referred to was a tweet made by UltraViolet, a nonprofit feminist organization that “creates consequences for sexism by holding politicians and thought leaders accountable to all women.”

In their tweet, they claimed abortion is “common, normal and safe”:

The actress, who is now 45-years-old, was recognized as one of the leaders of the #MeToo movement after Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed for his alleged sexual misconduct.

According to Breitbart:

Before Christmas in 2018, McGowan released a video of her re-enacting the lyrics to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” with her “gender fluid” partner Rain Dove, claiming that the song is no longer “appropriate.”

She is also known for her anti-Trump activism and oftentimes compares his supporters to “cult members.”

“People say, ‘Oh it’s so weird how you grew up in a cult,’ and I say, ‘I think it’s really weird how you live in a cult,'” McGowan gloated in an interview with SFGate. “Let’s take Trump voters. That is a cult, obviously. We all know that.”

Image Credit: Instagram