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Actor Terry Crews Emphasizes Importance Of Fatherhood, Family And More In Epic Twitter Rant

Terry Crews, who has starred in 45+ movies like ‘Deadpool 2,’ ‘The Expendables,’ ‘Idiocracy’ and more, started this month off by going on Twitter and dropping “red pills” left and right.

His first tweet linked to a YouTube video titled ‘Terry Crews On The Importance Of Fatherhood’:

He then announced in all caps that every human is equal, but not identical:

One Twitter user responded to a conversation Crews was having about childrens’ perception of reality when it comes to men, women and gender:

Crews punched back by saying, “I believe it’s as different as men, women and non-binary people. We are all equal, but we are not identical.”

The actor then switched gears and started to talk about the black community and how so many kids have been left fatherless:

The tweet he was referring to has since been deleted.

He continued:

When another user mentioned how his niece and nephew would grow up just fine without a father and men can be positive male figures without being fathers, Crews chimed in and corrected him:

“Toxic masculinity” was then brought up as a retort, but that didn’t work out either:

Twitter user “paula” started getting upset with how Crews was informing his followers (and others) about facts and reality. She proceeded to cuss him out while calling him a misogynist and homophobe. Crews responded accordingly:

He went on to make another “shocking” statement:

As of about 40 minutes prior to the posting of this article, Crews was still at it:

It’s probably safe to say this particular actor knows what the hell he’s talking about!

Go cry somewhere else, libs.

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Main Image Credit: Bored Panda