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Alex Jones Returns To Work With Broken Arm After Viral Joe Rogan Podcast…

Infowars host Alex Jones returned to work Sunday afternoon after missing a few shows since his 4+ hour-long interview last week on the ‘Joe Rogan Experience.’

Interestingly enough, Jones was wearing a cast on his left arm which has left many to assume he broke it somehow:

Alex Jones Broken Arm
Credit: Infowars

Did Jones, Rogan and Eddie Bravo get into some trouble after the viral podcast?

A few viewers pointed out how Jones mentioned he had a torn bicep while on Rogan’s show; perhaps that would explain the cast.

Since last Wednesday, there have been a number of fill-in hosts on Infowars. Fans are finding it hard to keep up with Jones since he has been banned from virtually every major social media platform.

Watch ‘The Alex Jones Show’ here

Main Image Credit: Infowars