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Real Or Hoax? Ilhan Ohmar “Assassination Threat” Found Written In Twin Cities Gas Station Bathroom Stall

Thanks to ex-‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett’s staged “MAGA Country” attack, people are starting to question every instance where well-known public figures have been targeted simply because of their race, gender, religion or political affiliation.

The most recent case involves Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN). On Friday, the Somali-American politician posted an image on Twitter that showed the words “Assassinate Ilhan Omar” written in a Twin Cities, MN Holiday Stationstores bathroom stall:

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The photo was reportedly first shared on Instagram by user brian_raines_ where he made the following comment:

“Found this in the men’s room of the Rogers @holidaystationstores. When I asked the manager about it, he said he saw it this morning. I asked why it hadn’t been covered up – he didn’t seem to care and said that it was because the painter hadn’t been out.

“I’m pretty sure @holidaystationstores doesn’t condone hate like this. Apparently, the manager does. He was rude and shook his head as he walked off. #hate #domesticterrorism #onlyinmn #capturemn #captureminnesota #mndfl #maga”

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An article on MPR News describes how the FBI has launched an investigation into this particular matter:

Federal authorities are looking into reports that a hateful message targeting U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar was scrawled onto a bathroom stall at a Twin Cities gas station.

The message, written in black marker in the men’s room, read: “Assassinate Ilhan Omar.”

It came to the attention of customer Brian Raines, who had stopped by his local Holiday gas station in Rogers on Feb. 22.

Raines, a father of two children and a U.S. Navy veteran, said he asked the manager why he hadn’t covered up the message. Raines said the manager seemed annoyed by the question, rolled his eyes, and responded that he was waiting for the corporate office to send out a painter.

“I said, ‘You didn’t think about covering it up yourself?’ ” Raines recalled. “You don’t need a painter to come out on a Saturday to do the right thing.”

Raines said he walked back to his truck, still bothered by what he experienced. So he pulled up a picture he took of the message and posted it to his Instagram page, predicting — correctly — he would be trolled by people accusing him of making it up.

The post didn’t gain much traction until Omar tweeted it Friday afternoon.

There are a couple discrepancies with Raines’ story, though.

First, it seems hard to believe a manager at a major gas station chain would not care about such a serious threat made, in his store, against an acting Congresswoman.

Put yourself in the manager’s shoes: Upon discovery, wouldn’t you immediately close off the area, contact authorities and then, after they are done investigating the scene (i.e. taking photos, fingerprints, etc.), cleanup or repaint the area that was vandalized?

Common sense apparently isn’t so common nowadays…

Next, notice the hashtags Raines used:

Instagram Ilhan Omar Threat MAGA Hashtag

See the one we highlighted?

It’s pretty interesting how Raines would choose to essentially tie this crime to a Trump supporter.

We’re not the only ones who think this story is a bit… fishy:

Info H/T: Lets be Frank

Main Image Credit: USA Today