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#YangGang Exposed: Insider Claims 2020 Hopeful Andrew Yang Is Paying Groups Of Online “Meme Operators” To Influence Future Voters

A source close to 2020 presidential hopeful Andrew Yang recently revealed he is allegedly using viral memes and hashtags to catapult himself into the political spotlight – and it seems to be working.

The insider posted the following message on an anonymous image board:

Do you know why Andrew Yang is gaining traction? I’ll tell you: it’s because he sat back and watched the magical effect of memes during the 2016 presidential election.

Andrew saw how you /pol/sters and others basically pumped out never-ending memes to help propel Trump into the White House. Now, he wants a piece of that magical ‘meme pie’, per se.

Weeks before he announced his 2020 presidential run, Andrew spent some of his own fortune on ensuring he has a dog in the so-called upcoming ‘meme war’ by hiring ‘meme agitators’ from various groups to engage in information warfare online. That is why we are seeing #YangGang trending, as well as countless memes being created and posted on social media.

It’s working. Prominent right wing reporters (ex. Cassandra F.) are becoming confused because Andrew has convinced them, through memes, that he holds the same values as them. Additionally, he’s using ‘meme language’ to communicate with them.

Here’s an example from Reddit:

Q: The current White House is missing a dog. If elected, will you bring a dog back to the White House?

A: I will bring 1,000 different dogs to the White House every given month. It will be called the Canine Dividend. It will bring about a new era of abundance of fur and smiles and good boys. 🙂

How can Trump even compete with this? It’s on a whole new level.

Before you discount my claims of Andrew Yang’s political savviness, I’d like to just take a moment to say that, yes, I was on Andrew’s ‘meme team’. Even though I have been an avid Trump supporter for the past 3+ years, the money he offered was enticing. I simply could not resist.

Andrew Yang #YangGang 4chan 1
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They continued:

The ‘meme team’ operates on Discord, Reddit, Voat, Twitter and other platforms. There are probably close to 100 ‘operators’ spending hours each day creating and spreading memes online.

You might be asking why I’m revealing this information. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

After a few months of being a part of Andrew’s online propaganda team, I realized how dangerous it was. Think about it: a group of people being PAID to influence American politics through dank memes. I mean, you guys do it for free, right? What if you were PAID big bucks to do it?!!

So, I am here to warn you about Andrew Yang’s ‘meme operators’ and how they will pose a grave threat to Donald Trump’s reelection in 2020.

Andrew Yang #YangGang 4chan 2
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UPDATE #1: The #YangGang insider has so far made three additional replies in the thread.

One user asked the following:

“Question for you is can you please give us a link to their discord?”

The source responded with:

“Sorry, but that might compromise my identity.”

Another user:

“How much do they pay you OP? It’s pretty obvious yang is a forced meme [and] everyone can tell. Pretty embarrassing honestly.”


“We get paid about $40/hr. It’s pretty worth it for most people considering their background.”

And finally, we asked the insider if they could provide additional intel:

“Can you share any other information? Are the meme operators you mentioned solely based in the US? Any located in foreign countries (like China, Russia, etc)? That would be pretty damning info.”

Their response:

“I’d rather not share more information. Even though I’m not employed by Yang anymore, I did have to sign non disclosure paperwork. Rumors say he has close ties to the Triad organization. Don’t want to get mixed up with those folks.”


UPDATE #2: Some memes –

Yang Gang Meme 7

Yang Gang Meme 8

Yang Gang Meme 11

Yang Gang Meme 12

Yang Gang Meme 13

Yang Gang Meme 14

Yang Gang Meme 15

Yang Gang Meme 16

Yang Gang Meme 17

UPDATE #3: Here are a few screenshots from the ‘AndrewYang2020’ Discord channel where multiple users discuss promoting the Democratic candidate on other platforms –

Discord Yang 1

Discord Yang 2

Discord Yang 3

Discord Yang 4

As of 2:00pm PT on 3/9/2019, there are over 30 Yang-related threads on 4chan’s /pol/ board (a mostly Right-leaning site). Here is a screenshot of the catalog

4chan Catalog Yang Threads
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UPDATE #4: Andrew Yang has so far raised over $650,000 for his presidential campaign. Of that amount, the campaign has spent a whopping $620,847

FEC Friends Of Andrew Yang
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Yang’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Carly Reilly, has received multiple payments from the campaign. This could simply be salary and reimbursement compensation as the descriptions suggest –

Friends Of Andrew Yang Carly Reilly Payments
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Interestingly enough, Reilly also works for a company called RadicalMedia, LLC –

Carly Reilly LinkedIn

According to RadicalMedia’s ‘About us’ description on LinkedIn, they create “some of the world’s most innovative content across all forms of media.”

“The company develops, produces and distributes award-winning projects in a variety of media including television, digital, feature films, music programming, commercials, graphic and interactive design, exhibitions, and live events, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Sydney and Shanghai. The company’s global network has given it a foundation for identifying and incubating in-house and new talent, while offering their client base a worldwide platform for the production, development and distribution of content.

“The company has been honored with an Academy Award®, Emmys®, a Golden Globe®, Grammys®, Webbys, NASA Awards, The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Communication Design, two Palme d’Ors at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, and just about every other accolade and trophy associated with the advertising, marketing, and programming businesses.”

From their website

Radical Media Who We Are

Hmm… 🤔

Do you see where we’re going with this?

Now, back to the campaign disbursements.

We noticed the ‘Friends of Andrew Yang’ campaign made payments totaling about $30,000 to pay off an American Express credit card. The interesting thing about this is there are no descriptions for these payments –

Friends Of Andrew Yang Disbursements American Express
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In contrast, there are descriptions for pretty much every other recorded disbursement (953 total) in the FEC database.

What was that money used for?

UPDATE #5: These documents were supposedly leaked earlier today (3/11/2019) on 4chan. At this time, we cannot confirm whether they are authentic or simply a hoax. We’ll leave that up to you to decide (Source) –

Document #1

Document #2

Document #3

Discord info H/T: anons LUWX8QLR, 8yAkaxrJ

RadicalMedia info H/T: anon QxJdIQgA

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